Why I went vegan

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which I’m sure my very Southern, everything doused in butter, family loved. The Rowland’s are all about meat and cheese and anything that can be smothered in gravy, especially around the holidays. The no meat was already a given for me, that part wasn’t new. It’s everything else that was new.

No milk.
No eggs.
No butter.
No cheese.
No yogurt.
No ice cream.

At first, the list seemed daunting, like it would be impossible for me to actually commit to this. I didn’t realize how much, even after cutting out meat, I still relied on animal products in my diet. I thought being vegetarian was enough for me. It wasn’t.

I am not here to force you to become vegan. I am not here to preach at you. And I am most definitelyΒ not here to judge your decisions. BUT what I am here to do is educate you. It is so important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re supporting. Eating meat may not necessarily be bad for your health, (doctors disagree on this: some say it increases risk of heart disease and strokes) it is definitely hurting the animals. Drinking milk is good for you right? That can be argued too, but since I’m not a doctor, all I will say is this: are you a baby cow? If not, why are you drinking milk meant for them?

HereΒ I have provided you with links to some of my favorite articles about veganism and its benefits. I also encourage you to do some research for yourself and really dig deeper into the industries in your own country!

Once I really set my mind to it, becoming vegan changed the way I live. I feel better physically and mentally, I have gained a whole new network of friends, I have discovered a passion for cooking and have really started to take care of my body. After all, it’s the only one I’ve got.


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