Shonda Rhimes is a real life queen, here’s why

You know her. You lover her. And sometimes she sends you into such a deep pit of despair,  you hate her. And yet, you keep coming back for more. You know who I’m talking about. Shonda Rhimes. If you don’t know who she is, I’m sorry to inform you that you live under a very large rock. BUT, no fear! I’m here to fix that problem. Shonda Rhimes is a real life queen, here’s why:

She owns Thursday night.
Her lineup of shows fill up 3 hours every week in the most competitive time spot on television. At 8:00 you’ve got Grey’s, at 9:00 you’ve got Scandal and at 10:00 you’ve got How To Get Away With Murder. And if you don’t sit there for every second of that block, you should be. 

Image via ABC

She created characters out of REAL PEOPLE.
Shondaland is famously inclusive. Her shows look like the real world. There is always someone to relate to, no matter who your tribe is and if you haven’t found them yet, well her shows can help with that, too.

Her take-no-shit attitude is legendary.
Shonda is one of those people (I assume, since I’ve never met her) that doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap. I know she has what she refers to as her “no asshole policy” so if that right there doesn’t automatically give her QWEEN status in your book, it really should.

“I don’t put up with bullshit or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.” -Shonda Rhimes

Image via Entertainment Weekly

In Shondaland, women are the boss.
This is so important, especially now. Women are treated equally in Shondaland. Not just as the secretary or the nurse (NOT A JAB AT NURSES… WE NEED NURSES!!) or assistants. No, in Shondaland the possession of ovaries does not hold you back. In Shondaland, women run court rooms, control D.C., save lives… they are the definition of boss.

She wrote a book about doing things that scare her.
Yes, she may own a night on TV, but we have to remember, Shonda is a human being. She, just like us, has fears. And just like we all sometimes do, she struggled with overcoming them. BUT she took hers and turned them into a book. A BOOK THAT TELLS ALL OF US THAT IT’S OK TO BE SCARED!!! A book that says to us, “just say yes.” Say yes to doing what scares you. Say yes and watch your fears dissipate. 

Year of Yes promotional image

She has a voice and you will hear her.
I think this is my favorite thing about Shonda. Too many “celebrities” have become quiet. They’re very hush hush about social issues. Shonda is not one of them. Have you looked at her Twitter feed lately? Shonda is loud and proud when it comes causes she supports. I applaud those people (her leading ladies do this too, btw… it’s a theme in Shondaland) who use their platforms for more than just red carpet photo shoots. 

Clip from a Hillary Clinton campaign ad from the leading ladies of Shondaland. Watch it here.

She’s in charge. She knows it and does not apologize.
We, as women, are supposed to sit back and take orders from a man in a suit, right? No. Not in Shondaland. Not only is she the boss, she makes no apologies for acting like one, either. One of my favorite things ever to come out of her mouth was during an interview with the New York Times:


 “I don’t know how this is going to come off sounding. I’m in a position of power where I run this world and handle this situation… If I’m going to make a crazy decision, then I better be damn sure. Because it’s not like anybody’s going to tell me, ‘You can’t do that.”

These are just a few of the infinite list of queen-like qualities Shonda Rhimes possesses. Next time you venture into Shondaland, make sure to channel your inner queen and become a badass.

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