The Advertising Olympics (otherwise known as the Super Bowl)

Super Bowl Sunday. I eat my weight in guacamole while planted in a chair in the living room with my eyes glued to the TV. This year, I wasn’t watching for the game. To be honest, I rarely watch football and could care less about the teams this year. I’m here for the commercials. I always come for the commercials. 

I picked my top 5 (or 4 because one wasn’t actually an ad) to discuss and hopefully get some conversations going.

The Schuyler Sisters ( Soo, Rene Elise Goldsberyy, Jasmine Cephas Jones
Ok, so I know Jasmine, Renee and Philippa probably pissed some people (white men) off with their rendition of “America the Beautiful” but this performance… WOW. The beauty of America being praised in this song finally includes the sisterhood. It’s been about the guys for so long… I think that lyrical switch-a-roo  was a long time coming and I can’t think of any group of ladies to do it but the Schuyler Sisters.

Audi (
The car commercials always do a good job “selling” their products. I just usually don’t like how they do it. HOWEVER the Audi ad this year… ya’ll it gives me the chillzzzzzzzz. And I used to race in the Soap Box Derby and was probably about the same age as the girl in the commercial and, I too, was surrounded by guys… so this hits on a personal level with me. I am no less worthy of anything because I am a female. I know this and hopefully Audi helps others realize it too.

84 Lumber (
This one got a lot of attention. The entire ad is over five minutes long, so most people only got a glimpse. (The link is the full ad, you’re welcome.) I think this ad was a home run. It made me uncomfortable at first and I think that’s what was supposed to happen. This ad was so very clearly a reference to the Trump Wall separating our border from Mexico. We see a mother and daughter coming to the US from Mexico only to run into the massive wall. They are dirty, they are obviously hungry, thirsty and tired and the mother’s face when she sees the wall is heartbreaking. This was acting. BUT if that wall is built, it won’t be. I think that’s the message 84 Lumber was trying to send.

Coca-Cola (
I debated about whether or not to include this one since it wasn’t a new ad. (It ran for the first time in 2014, I think) I chose to include it because of its relevance and also because I saw some pretty nasty fights break out on social media about it. The ad features the song “America the Beautiful” being sung in multiple languages. I kept seeing “this is un-American, speak English or get out!” but I think people forget that this country does not have an official language. This ad is for everyone in the US, not just those who can speak English.

Ari BnB (
SLOW. CLAP. I am booking an Air BnB room right now, that’s how much I LOVED this ad. Featuring the facScreen Shot 2017-02-05 at 10.44.54 PM.pnges of all types of people from all over the world, they send a powerful message of love. Despite religion, sexual identity, race or gender we ALL belong. We are ALL welcome. My favorite line is this: “the world is more beautiful the more you accept.” This line is also being used as the hashtag #weaccept on Air BnB social media. (So hop on that train if you haven’t done so yet!)

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