Random Life Hacks

Do you ever change one random thing about your daily routine and find yourself acting like a whole new person? That happened to me recently and I though I’d share a little bit about the things I’ve changed.Β 

The first thing I swapped out was my tough yoga routines. I really enjoy the sequences that get my heart rate up and make me sweat BUT I had a really hard time forcing myself out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to do a sequence that I knew was going to make me work. I’ve recently started doing two sessions on the mat each day instead of just one. Now, when I get up in the morning, I do a simple, very relaxing 20 minute morning practice. (I will link you to the exact video I’m talking about here.) There is nothing strenuous about it, it’s pretty much a solid 20 minutes of breathing and stretching and it gets me in such a relaxed mindset before my busy day starts. I have noticed a significant drop in my stress levels already and I’m in the middle of a busy semester, so that right there tells you that this really does work!

Another thing I recently switched up was my toothpaste. Yes, I am aware that this sounds super strange to add into a blog post but hear me out… I’ve struggled with chapped lips for years and never knew why. Well, I finally found the culprit: my toothpaste. I switched from Crest 3D to Tom’s all natural and my problem literally disappeared after the first use. It was a beautiful thing, I’m not going to lie. It also is making my teeth even whiter than the most popular (and overrated and bad for the environment…) toothpaste brand, so I really recommend making the switch even if you don’t have the same issues.

WATER. WATER. WATER. This has been drilled into my head since… well I don’t even know. But I’ve finally started taking that advice and I’m here to tell you… it works. My skin is better, my energy is up… I feel healthier in general. I got a 17 ounce S’well water bottle for Christmas and I drink at least four full bottles a day. (Want one? Click here.) I used to drink maybe one bottle, maybe less, each day. I know everyone preaches this at you all the time, but as someone who never listened, I am telling you to listen to them! They are right.

Make your breakfast the night before. I’m not kidding. Do it. It’ll change your life. I have a class at 8 a.m. this semester (YIKES) so I’m usually running out of the house at 7:45. If I’m going to get my yoga in, shower, get dressed and put on makeup, I have zero time to make breakfast… even cereal takes too long these days. So how did I fix this? I pre-make whatever I’m going to have for breakfast the night before, grab it and go. I used to just not eat but quickly realized that was not going to work for me so this is my solution. Over night oats are one of my favorites (I will post recipes for these sometime this week and add a link for you!) but I also really like smoothies. Just something quick, healthy and filling that I can throw in a mason jar and take to class or work.

So there you have it: four random life tips by Jordyn. Thank me later. I know they all seem trivial, but they really do add up and you will see a change in your day. Have any of your own life hacks? Share them in the comments!

xoxo, Jordyn


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