Season 13, episode 12: None Of Your Business (Written by Andy Reaser)

You know sh*t is going down when someone other than Meredith Grey does the voiceover, and that’s exactly what happened in last night’s episode. Jo Wilson laid down a quick VO right when the episode opens:

“Everybody wants privacy for themselves. For the people, not so much.”

The episode picks up right where we left off last week: Alex, Meredith and Maggie are all in Mer’s bedroom discussing the tiny fact that Alex very may well be in hiding. (He isn’t, don’t worry.) We finally figure out what the hell is going on with the trial. I’m sure a lot of people saw this coming… DeLuca dropped the charges and the case gets thrown out. It’s exactly what I was expecting. The twist though, is the love triangle between DeLuca, Alex and Jo that I can all but guarantee is about to happen.

Let’s shift focus to Dr. Bailey now. I love her to death but she’s really pissing me off right now. I think she feels torn… and she seems to be overcompensating, if you ask me. She hired Eliza behind Webber’s back and now she’s facing everyone (her attendings) turning their backs on her. They’re loyal to Webber, not Eliza. Even thought I like Eliza, I fully understand the issue here: the way Bailey went about the whole situation is the problem. Even Eliza is pissed that Bailey is going around suspending people (HELLO MEREDITH FREAKIN’ GREY). It seems that Bailey forgot what she told Meredith  when she hired her as Chief of General Surgery… if you need a refresher too, click here.

And then we have the whole situation involving the barbed wire burrito. I thought some really shady ish was going down at first… someone mentioned a meth lab and puppy mill. I’ve got to applaud Andy though, this storyline with the patient was so well written, I didn’t figure it out until she revealed what went down and it wasn’t just her ladder. (Wow, bad joke.) Political references are no new thing in Shondaland, but I LOVE the allusion to Trump’s wall used here. She goes on to tell us that she and her husband (who has since passed) built the wall to protect themselves but now she feels like it’s a prison. I was reminded of a voiceover from season one immediately:

“At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in.”

I love finding connections like this, especially one from the very beginning. This concept of walling yourself off for protection is NOT new. It still can make you feel trapped, and probably will. It just depends on what you do about it, and I recommend taking the patients words to heart; “I feel like one of them animals that chewed its leg off to get out of a trap. But I got out.” Maybe don’t chew off your leg, but get out.

And now… the main event. MAGGIE PIERCE’S MOM!!!!! First off, how awesome is LaTanya??? Can we keep her forever? I knew as soon as she showed up and said she had a consult with Jackson that something was up and I was prepared for her to die, but we get a little more time with Diane hopefully before that happens. It’s Shondaland, I’m sure we don’t have long. But anyways… it’s so obvious that Maggie still hasn’t forgiven her for her affair. Don’t remember that? No worries, click here.

One of my favorite quotes of the night comes from Diane too, and it is this:

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

“Find the smartest person in the room and if they’re not smarter than you, find another room.” – Diane Pierce


I also want to take a second to talk about April Kepner replacing Meredith as the Interim Chief of General Surgery. I missed this the first time I watched the episode, but when Dr. Bailey calls April to her office and right before the scene ends, we hear Bailey say, “tough decision time, Kepner” and I think that is a really important line. Dr. Bailey knows that April does not support her decision to oust Webber, so she has to pull out all the tricks to get her on her side: including giving her Meredith’s job. Bailey knows that she’s giving Kepner an offer she can’t turn down and I have a feeling April’s in for it next week.

Moving on… you all know I don’t like Omelia so imma just let this scene go. *sips tea*


^^^^^^^^^ I think that pretty well describes my feelings on this reunion.

And finally, the closing VO, again by Jo Wilson:

“We have to keep something to ourselves or else anyone can get to us. They’ll see the stuff we don’t show anyone, so we build the walls high and wide and lock the gates.”

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