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Valentine’s Day Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

This recipe is dedicated to all the single ladies! Trust me, being single while making this is better than having to share it!! Thank me later.

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on sharing this recipe (that I totally made up on the spot because I didn’t have blueberries to make the smoothie I wanted UGGGHHH) but it turned out really well so… why not??

I’m actually not sure if I should call this a smoothie or ice cream… or as we vegans like to call it nice cream. The base is Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island, so it’s more of a shake but whatever. Smoothie bowl.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 1.11.27 PM.png


If you’ve never tried Coconut Bliss, I 10/10 recommend literally everything they make. You can’t go wrong with them. It’s great to eat straight out of the carton during the Bachelor, it makes great smoothie bases (obviously), and the best part is it tastes almost exactly like normal ice cream!

I usually never finish a full smoothie, and I can tell you with no shame that I put this entire thing away in less than 10 minutes. It was that good. Not to brag or anything, but I did well. But, maybe a little bit of bragging…



Also, it’s super healthy… this is taken straight from their website.

So how do you actually make this smoothie bowl I’ve been going on and on about? It’s easy. (Here is my same disclaimer… I don’t measure things for smoothies!!)

1 banana
Frozen strawberries
Chia seeds
Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island
Any kind of non-dairy milk (I used cashew)
Coconut flakes for topping

In a blender, add banana chunks, strawberries, Coconut Bliss and milk. Blend until smooth. 
You want this smoothie to be on the thicker side, almost like ice cream, since it is going into a bowl and not a glass.
Dump entire smoothie into a bowl.
Place more strawberry slices, coconut flakes and chia seeds on top and dig in!
* I recommend eating this while hiding or you will end up having to share and trust me, you’ll want the whole thing for yourself.

And that’s it! Super easy, super quick and now you’re probably making another one… not that I did that or anything…

xoxo, Jordyn

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