College: As told by Grey’s Anatomy GIFs

This post is dedicated to anyone who is currently in college or went to college at some point. I think you will find it very accurate.

College: As told by Grey’s Anatomy GIFs

  • You have to be a grown up. It’s not fun and you have no idea what you’re doing. But you have to do it anyways.


  • Your days are stressful and you hate everything. Don’t deny it, we’ve all had those days.


  • Someone says the wrong thing. You’re walking across campus and hear someone open their mouth and that’s all it takes. You’re bad mood just got worse.


  • You feel lost 100% of the time. You don’t know who you are anymore… sometimes it feels like you are owned by your school. You forget how to have a life or do anything that resembles fun.


  • The dreaded group projects. Ha, and you thought these were bad in high school? It’s not about 12,000% worse AND you get to sit in the library until 2:00 a.m. with people you most likely have never met in your life and will never see again. (which might be a good thing…)


  • And while you’re doing that group work, there’s always the know-it-all. You’ve been listening to them sing their own praises for 3 hours now and you’re over it. “Oh you got a 4.0 last year with 21 hours?”


  • The cafeteria will suck. Find a group of people, or even just one that cooks. If they invite you over, there better be food because we all know the campus cafeterias are trying to kill us.


  • Why are people so stupid? I’m sorry, stupid people don’t disappear in college. They’re still lingering and sometimes you just want to go all Miranda Bailey on them.


  • How did I get a D on this???? That paper you stayed up all night writing? Yeah, you thought it was A+ material and then the professor gives you some side-eye and plops that 61% on your desk.


  • Sometimes all you can do is eat away your problems. I wasn’t a stress eater until college… and let me tell you, the freshman 15 is real talk.


  • The friend that complains about a B. Oh you’re upset about your 89%? Here you can have my 76 instead!!!


  • Why don’t you ever smile?? Resting bitch face happens to the best of us, especially when we have 16 tests in one day.


  • You don’t know how you’ll survive 4 years of this. Sometimes it all feels like too much and you think you are going to fall apart (or maybe you already did).


  • You literally have no time for anything. Sometimes it feels like you can’t even take a shower without missing 47 assignments. You learn how to take 45 second showers which leaves no time for, well you know…


  • And finally, you never have any idea what’s going on. When the professor says “let’s review” on the day before a test and you’re wondering what 8 lessons you slept through… get used to that feeling now, people.


Go to college kids! It will be worth it, I promise. Find your tribe, find what you like to do, and face it head on! You’ll be great!

xoxo, Jordyn

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