5 things I relearn after cleaning my room

Let me lay it out for you: I love the way my room looks when it’s clean but I hate cleaning my room.

This is a vicious cycle and I’ve been stuck in it for years.

People always ask me, “Jordyn, why don’t you just keep your room clean all the time?” Well, it’s like a rule in my life that I MUST wear at least three outfits everyday. That does not go well with clean bedrooms. That’s the only answer I have for those people.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of 5 things I relearn every time I clean my room:

  1. I really enjoy not having to cross an obstacle course rivaling American Ninja Warrior at 2:00 a.m. when I wake up and need to use the bathroom.
  2. I’m a tee shirt hoarder. I never realize how many pointless tee shirts I have from 2008 until I clean my room. 
  3. I can carry a mug of coffee to my nightstand without tripping over a bra and spilling hot coffee all down the front one of my 57 shirts from 2008; therefore avoiding the dreaded throwing away of a red tie-dye Memphis soccer tournament shirt that I may need someday.
  4. My room is huge. All of my friends come over and are like “you’re room is massive” and I never believe them. Well when there’s nowhere to walk or sit, it tends to make it look smaller. Every time I clean, I swear ten extra square feet pop up somewhere. 
  5. My closet will hold a lot of shit. I mean, that’s how you’re supposed to clean your room right? Throw it all in the closet and then close the door? My mom says that’s wrong but… 

    And since nobody knows when the next time my room will be this clean is, please enjoy this proof that it actually happened:

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