Season 13, episode 15: Civil War (Written by Elizabeth Klaviter) 

You guys know how this works by now, so let’s just dive right in with the opening V.O.

“There’s an old story of a father who had two sons. When he knew a Civil War was about to breakout, he sent on son to fight for the North and one to the South. He figured if he had sons on both sides, there’d be a better chance one would survive. Because when you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors… your friends, your family, leaving you all alone.” -Meredith Grey

Ok, so this episode was basically one full hour of people getting pissed at each other. For clarity AND orginization, I have made a list of “wars” and we will go through them, one by one, for this week’s review. Here they are:

  • Alex vs. Nathan
  • Jackson vs. Catherine (…and April)
  • Amelia vs. Owen
  • Deep fried Dad’s family vs. Fiancé
  • Eliza AND Arizona vs. Richard (?)

First up, let’s talk about the whole Alex versus Nathan issue we’ve got going on. (Side note, I want to see more of Martin and Justin, they worked very well together and I think there could be a pretty cool bromance there, not going to lie.)

Now, the issue starts when Alex and Nathan disagree on the treatment plan for baby Gus. Nathan wants to do a transplant and Alex wants to do a Norwood. (Just look that up if you don’t know what it is… I’m not a doctor.) Naturally, Meredith is going to be put in the middle of this argument between her, how should I say this… friend with benefits? I don’t know but between whatever Nathan is to her and Alex, her person since Cristina’s departure (which I’m still not over).

Alex goes to Meredith calling Nathan a snake and gives her the rundown on what’s happened. Later, we see Meredith pulling Nathan into a supply closet (which did NOT go the way I was hoping if I’m being honest.) and stands up for her person. YAY! Hoes before bros and all that…

Of course, when Meredith says that messing with Alex is not the way to get anywhere with her, Nathan’s eyebrow shoots up and the smirk slowly spreads across his lips as he points out that this means there is somewhere to get. (And all the Griggs stans said amen.)

In the end, Maggie is the one to settle this war. She tells them that “the only fight here is to keep this child alive. To fix his heart. You won.”

Moving onto Jackson and Catherine… and by proxy, April too. Jackson, poor guy, I think is the only one who still refuses to see that maybe Eliza’s program isn’t a bad thing… it’s working. Even Richard is picking up on that fact. He’s just pissed that his mom meddled if you ask me.

As soon as I saw them all in the OR together, I knew shit was about to hit the fan. It’s heated and poor Ben is stuck in the middle… AGAIN. I think the biggest issue with Jackson and Catherine is this: they do not agree on what it means to be an Avery. Catherine makes the point that a title means nothing. Being an Avery means nothing. It’s who you are as a person that means something.

I think meeting Jackson’s father next week will answer the my biggest question regarding him: why is he so angry? Does it have something to do with his father? I’ve noticed this season that he always seems to be angrier than the situation dictates as well as angrier than everyone else… it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the back half of the season.

Also, I just want to talk about April and Catherine for a second. Since when did they become besties who go see Hamilton together and take boat tours? I’m just asking because I clearly remember Catherine trying to get April in some serious trouble during the divorce. I’m really intrigued by April wanting to explore new career moves, especially now that she’s proven she can handle it. (I’m still mad at her for taking Meredith’s job, this is not me saying I’m cool with that.) I don’t want her to leave the show, I would have a meltdown, BUT this whole Chicago trauma center thing makes an interesting point… is she being held back at Grey Sloan? (Let me know what you think about that in the comments!)

Omelia. Oh… these two are going to give me an aneurysm before the season is over. Ok here’s the deal with this: they are both being childish. I get that this is a HUGE issue and it warrants some time to “run away” or so to speak before facing the inevitable fight but how much time? They clearly love each other, that was made clear when Owen asked Amelia if she still wanted to be married to him. Without missing a beat and with no hesitation she says yes… so we all know they’ll be fine. (Barring any semi trucks, planes or ferryboat accidents…) They just need to figure their crap out long enough to sit down, yell it out and move on.

I just included a tidbit on the family of the deep fried dad because I think it’s interesting that Pam, the sister, is treating her future brother-in-law like he killed the father. It was obviously an accident BUT because she is reacting this way, her brother starts to pull away from him as well. For some reason this reminded me of the whole situation with Mark, Arizona and Callie after the car crash in season seven… I’m not sure if this was an intentional parallel (I’m going to talk about all the other parallels at the end so keep reading… you’re almost there!) included by Elizabeth, or if it’s just a random connection my brain made… but I thought it was worth mentioning.

And the last “civil war” I’m going to cover may not be so much of a war, but I have to talk about it because, let me tell you, Arizona and Eliza stans DON’T STOP!

At the beginning of the episode, Arizona is still playing double agent. She offers Richard a place to crash since he refuses to go home  BUT that plan gets all screwed up with Eliza telling, no asking was involved, Arizona that she’s coming over to cook because her stove sucks and Arizona’s is better. Talk about a girl who knows what she wants, I mean… DAMN. Anyways, as soon as that stairwell conversation happened (what is it with Arizona and stairwells…) I knew Richard was going to catch them in some way before the episode ended.

THEY FALL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH. How cute but also… you really think you can sleep all night (which raises another question… the Grey’s timeline is so screwed up it messes with my brain) and not get caught by at least one person? And since this is Grey’s, it’s clear that person was going to be Webber. But on the plus side, the secret is out so they can be as cute as they want all over the place.

NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT PARALLELS!!! There were lots of them this week!

  1. The “lost cause” case that Amelia works on with a reluctant Owen: is this a parallel to Derek and Lexie’s case load of lost causes in season eight? Because it sure seemed like it to me, especially when Amelia said “there are no lost causes.” The Shepherd legacy continues… except the patient died so maybe not? Oh well, the parallel was still there in my head.
  2. Owen and Amelia’s fight is essentially the same as his marriage-ending fight with Cristina. Only this time, he has the past to learn from and I don’t think it will end the same way. Amelia and Cristina are two very different people and Owen knows that, I just hope he doesn’t trample all over whatever Amelia says like he did with Cristina.
  3. Ok, so a lot of you will HATE this one because, ummmm hello, MerDer? It’s sacred ground and I’m about to piss you off. The last scene with Meredith and Nathan, did it look familiar to you? Sound familiar? Nathan says this to Meredith: “I am in if you are. I’m in this.” Remember in 2.05 when Meredith gives her speech? You know what I’m talking about. She tells Derek that she’s in. She’s so in it’s humiliating. Well, reverse the roles and that’s where Nathan stands right now (minus the secret spouse randomly showing up). Also, moment of appreciation for how smooth Nathan Riggs is. He’s got game.

And that’s all I have for you this week! Here’s the closing V.O. and I will see you all again for Japril the sequel!

“War isn’t civil. You pick sides and defend them. You attack. You hurt people. You get hurt. You fight… and you fight and you fight. To what end? What are we fighting against? What are we fighting for? When is it time to just quit all this nonsense and simply surrender?” -Meredith Grey

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