PaleyFestLA: Grey’s Anatomy

Hey guys! I’m writing this post from LA because I promised you a PaleyFest post! I don’t know if you all know what that is, so I guess I’ll run it down for you real quick. PaleyFest is basically a panel discussion with the casts of popular TV shows. They will air a new episode at the beginning and then the cast comes out for the panel part. At the end, it’s a mad dash (for those with orchestra seats) to the front of the stage for autographs and selfies. That’s about how it goes.

I attended the PaleyFest for Grey’s Anatomy this past Sunday and I know you’re all waiting to hear all about it. 

The first thing I did once I got inside the theater was watch the cast walk in. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of a mess but I’m not surprised about that part. I have videos of most of them, but unfortunately I cannot post them here because I’m too poor for that WordPress package (#CollegeStudentProblems). If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow my Twitter, you can find them there.

After everyone was there, we went to our seats (which were SO GOOD by the way!) and watched the episode that will air next week, not this week. Season 13, episode 18 is the directing debut of Ellen Pompeo, so seeing this as a rough cut before anyone else was something I will never forget. I’m not allowed to say anything about the episode itself or give spoilers (obviously) but I will say that this episode was BY FAR my favorite episode since The Sound of Silence (12×09).

After the episode, the cast came out to the stage. Jerrika Hinton started it off, followed by Caterina Scorsone, Kevin McKidd, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, Debbie Allen, James Pickens Jr., Jessica Capshaw, Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew, Martin Henderson and Giacomo Gianniotti. (I probably could have said everyone except Camilla Luddington but too late, I’ve already typed all of their names out.)

All photos are mine so PLEASE do not copy and paste them! 

Ellen got asked a lot about directing, which I was really excited about. She attributed Debbie to basically kicking her ass into the directors chair, wouldn’t take no for an answer kind of situation. She spoke a little about losing her mother at such a young age and how that resonated with the show. She explained decisions she made in the episode; she focused a lot on lighting and how sunlight represents the soul even after someone is gone. That’s about as much as I can say without ruining the episode for you.

Kelly also got really emotional answering the first question and it actually took her a while to pull it together. It was amazing to see how invested these actors are in their characters, how they feel their pain and process that pain in real life. It’s something you hear them say all the time, but it’s different when you actually see it on a stage in person. Kelly LOVES Maggie Pierce and it’s so obvious in the way she spoke throughout the panel.

Now, I’m just going to give some highlights or else this will end up being way too long and nobody will read the whole thing.

  1. Justin kept saying “shit” and then correcting himself. Literally he did this so many times, now I get why everyone says he messes up the most on set.
  2. During the “rapid fire” question round, Debbie got asked something about what her favorite thing about being Catherine Avery was and her answer was that she gets to have sex with Dr. Webber. I swear to you the entire room, audience and cast, LOST IT. Kelly was crying on Jason’s shoulder. Ellen looked like she was  about to combust. James was just chillin’ in his seat looking fly through the whole thing. It was classic.
  3. Ellen got cold and Justin gave her his jacket. The entire audience went “awwwwwww” and Jessica thought it was something she said because it was during her question.

    Ellen signing autographs at the end of the panel 
  4.  Martin got asked about what he would like to know about Riggs and he literally said “who he is” and again, the whole cast started laughing again because I think we all feel the same way when it comes to that. NOBODY KNOWS WHO IS IS.
  5. Ellen threw down some stellar life advice. (This is my interpretation of what she said, not direct quotes.) She said to not get too caught up in making plans or you threaten today. If you’re too worried about five years from now or 10 years from now, you will miss the present. Let life go where life is going to go. Stay happy, stay confident and stay humble. Expect nothing. Life is hard and it’s hard for everyone, nobody’s story is more important than someone else’s story. Be respectful of that at all times.
  6. The end of the panel was a shit show. Sorry for that language, but I don’t know how else to describe that mess. It was me and about 300 other fans. I eventually (meaning about five minutes) had had enough and worked my way out of the masses and to the back of the theater to wait on friends who were still down there. I did get some gems that I will cherish forever though, here they are.



All in all, PaleyFest was a great experience. I had a great time getting to hear the cast speak about a show they are all so passionate about as well as talk to some of them afterwards. I will never forget this day and the friends I’ve made because of it.

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    1. Yes! But only for a moment since there were so many people. She was very gracious and she did recognize me from Twitter and knew my name so that was definitely exciting. I wasn’t expecting that to happen.


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