So you want to be happy?

Ok so I’m going to try something new and give you guys advice. I feel wildly unqualified to do so, but I’m doing it anyway.

If you know me personally, and have known me for a while now, you probably have noticed a significant change in my personality lately. It’s like I graduated high school and BOOM! The Jordyn I had spent the past 17 years being got a glow up. I didn’t realize the root of the change until recently, and since I now know, for the most part, why my life took this AMAZING 180, I figured I should share it with all of you.

How to Make Your Life Suck Less, by Jordyn Rowland

*Now, let me clarify. MY LIFE DID NOT, AND NEVER HAS, SUCKED. I’ve always had a great life, but now I figured out how to have the life that I want, and that makes it 184378 times better.

The first thing you need to do is really dig into your life. Are you happy? I don’t mean relatively happy. I mean really happy. You can have a good life and not be happy. That’s what happened to me and it took a long time for me realize that. It took a while for me to be ok with the fact that I wasn’t happy, too. Why? Because I look at millions of people across the world who literally have nothing and they are all so happy, so grateful. Who was I to be unhappy with the roof over my head, a full pantry, a great education, a family that loves me… do you see what I’m saying? I felt terrible for admitting that I wasn’t happy. If you’re not happy, admit it. It’s ok, I promise.

You would think this was an obvious next step, but I feel like a lot of us realize we are unhappy and then do nothing about it. Don’t be that person. I was for a while and all it did was stress me out and make me feel miserable almost all the time. If you don’t know what makes you happy… great! Go figure it out. Do as many new things as you can. Jump on a plane, start reading anything you can get your hands on, go see plays, go see old movies in old theaters, write everything down, learn to cook… the list is endless. Do you hate being an accountant? Great, find something else.

This may be the most important step in this quest for happiness. Once you’ve recognized that you’re not happy and you’ve figured out what does make you happy, you can’t just expect things to change. You have to work for it, you have to put yourself out there in ways that may seem scary. Does singing make you happy? Awesome, go to an audition for something. Does writing make you happy? Fantastic, start writing. Does cooking make you happy? Wonderful, call some friends and have a dinner party. You can’t just “be happy,” and I don’t care how many people have told you that before. You have to work for it. Nobody is going to hand you anything in life. If you want it, go get it.

This was the hardest concept for me to grasp and before you go announce to the world that everyone sucks and you’re the sun, read the rest of this. Yes, you need to be a little cocky and put yourself first BUT don’t be obnoxious or rude about it. It’s like that saying about how you have to believe in yourself before anybody else will. I actually believe that. If you show up to an audition or the interview for your dream job and act like you don’t deserve it, you probably don’t. So, believe in yourself, hype yourself up, tell people you’re good… be a little cocky. But be kind and respectful always.

So, are you happy? Hang onto that. Don’t let it go. Work for it because if you don’t, if you get lazy, you will lose it. Go as far as you think you can go on your happiness scale, and then go further.

Now, I wish someone had told me this while I was quietly sitting in the classroom junior year of high school. I wish I had figured this out sooner, but I didn’t. And that’s ok because I’m here now and I’m telling you. Your dreams don’t have to stay dreams. Make them happen. Tell people your name. Shake their hand. Buy that plane ticket. Don’t be afraid to demand more from your own life. Be happy. Be as happy as you can be and don’t let anyone hold you back. 

My dreams aren’t dreams anymore. They’re happening. And I’ve never been happier.
xoxo, Jordyn

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