Well, my European adventure is over and that means it’s time for real life! First up is this post because I know you’re all antsy for it to be posted.

Season 13, episode 23: True Colors (Written by William Harper)

“There are moments when all the stars align, when everything seems as it should be. Your life seems to have sorted itself out. It’s not like all our problems go away, it’s just that the problems are suddenly manageable. You feel so good you wonder if it’s real, and if I’ve learned anything, I can tell you, it is. It’s very real… but it will not last.” -Meredith Grey

When I watched this episode the first time, I didn’t trust the doctors. What I mean by that is I didn’t trust their opinions on the patient who came in with no clothes on. Something was up with her but I didn’t know what it was, and clearly, neither did they. This patient storyline serves as a valuable lesson for everyone: the saying, “when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras” may not always be the way to go. Look how it ended up going here. Also, did anyone else notice that her name is Allison? The same name of Meredith’s patient way back in season one who also fought off a potential rape? I don’t know if that was done on purpose or not, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyways, the guy, Keith, acts all concerned for Allison in order to gain the trust and sympathy from the doctors, and it works. He’s made up the perfect story.

Enough of the plot recap, though. You know how these work now. We’re going to jump inside the character’s heads now and work our way through this episode.

Owen Hunt: Imagine your sister or your brother or anyone you love went missing. Got it? They’ve been missing, presumed dead, for 10 years now. And then the phone rings and someone, some voice you’ve never heard before, tells you that she’s alive. How do you handle that? How do you live with knowing you gave up on them? That’s where Owen is right now. That’s what he’s working through. The technical side of things really helps us, as viewers, to feel what he’s feeling. The camera angles show every emotion, the slow motion makes us feel what he feels… and I’m not sure that feeling has a name. (Also, the dream when the elevator doors open and it’s the soldiers standing there? Totally sent me down the George O’Malley death scene rabbit hole… well played, Mr. Harper.) The snide remark about saving the baby, his reaction to the parents wanting to speak to him comes straight from inside his feels, so to speak. He saved that baby but he didn’t save Megan. Again, that guilt is hanging over him like a dark cloud and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. After Amelia speaks (in German?????) to someone about Megan being found, Owen is having a hard time believing that it’s actually her. He’s also the one who has to tell Amelia that not only did they find her, they found her alive. “I stopped looking.” is Owen’s way of blaming this on himself. This three word statement, those words that mean so much, that hold so much darkness in his life, reminded me of the three words Meredith said in season three: “I stopped swimming.” All it takes is a second for your life to change, and I think Owen may have found his second.

Alex Karev: Alex is in LA for a conference, which is code for Jo’s husband is there. And we actually get to see the mystery husband in the flesh and he seems like a nice guy… but don’t they always? Alex imagines what I’m sure he wants to do to him, but he’s learned and decides to not beat the guy to a pulp. We’ve seen some major character development with Alex this season. I think us not seeing much of him on screen was done for a reason. Other than to torture Jolex stans. I think the time he spent “off screen” was supposed to represent him focusing on himself and getting his crap together. We get a second “dream” from Alex before he leaves the conference and this time, it’s more vivid and more real and has consequences greater than just himself. Him seeing that play out in his mind makes him check the impulse and walk away… THANK GOD. I’m not a fan of Alex in bright orange jumpsuits. Anyways, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Paul. I think he will be making an appearance in one way or another sometime next season.

Meredith Grey: She’s letting Nathan in her bed… in her house while her sisters and kids are home so we’re getting somewhere. She’s come to terms with the fact that she does have feelings for him, and even though they may be scary, it’s not something she can just ignore and hide from anymore. She decides to take it a step further after watching Nathan interact with Erin, and invites him over for dinner with her and the kids. If you watch closely, you can tell that she’s fighting with herself on what to do here… it’s a big step, a step that makes them very real. Meeting the kids? Not a small thing. After the big invite, she’s freaking out. I would expect nothing less. She can’t go to Maggie about this, because… well we all know that answer. Amelia is there though, and what she says ends up having quite a bit of irony in it… “Derek is dead. Maggie is fine. There is nothing in your way.” Well, there’s about to be. As if hearing the news that your new boyfriend’s(?), dead ex-whatever is actually alive isn’t enough of a shock, let’s add your hospital exploding on top of that. I mean, when your name is Meredith Grey, you never can seem to catch a break.

Stephanie Edwards: And the main event of the final two episodes of season 13… Stephanie is having a really shitty day. If you pay attention to the music like I do, you’ll notice that anytime we hear the patient mention Keith, the music shifts to something very ominous, something very dark. With that comes a major tonal shift for the episode and for Steph as well. We know she’s with creepy psycho dude, but she doesn’t have a clue. All of a sudden she finds herself pushed up against a wall with a scalpel being pushed into her neck and she’s forced to play his games. And it’s not just her life she has to save anymore, it’s Erin’s too. They’re stuck. Literally stuck and have nowhere to go. What would you do in this situation? I ask you this question a lot when I write my reviews, but that’s because I want you to put yourself in the character’s shoes. How would you handle this? Would you give up? Would you go to the extremes she goes to and light the dude on fire? I know we all like to think we’d light a man on fire, but how do we really know that answer? Unless we’re in that situation (and God forbid any of us ever find that to be true) we don’t know what we’d do, how we’d react… adrenaline is a funny thing. (To be continued…)

“There are days when you feel like you can conquer anything and it feels like everything will be ok. Like I told you, the feeling doesn’t last. I’m not trying to be cynical, it’s just that even when a day starts out so, so well, that day can end so, so badly.” -Meredith Grey

And that’s it for 13.23! I know it feels rushed, and that’s because it was. I’m churning this out in record time because I know you’ve all been waiting for over two weeks for this. I also decided to split up the reviews for 23 and 24 (don’t worry… 24 will be out tonight!) because I’m going to structure them differently and the flow didn’t work as one post. Stay tuned!


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