The bucket-list for creative living

I don’t usually do these kinds of things, make lists to follow. I’m more of a go with the flow type of person, but I feel like this is a very go with the flow list. Nothing has a deadline (well, I guess sometime in September…) nothing has to be turned in for a grade. It’s not for you. It’s not because someone told me to do this. It’s for me. Because I want to do this. Maybe you’ll join me. 

Creative Living Bucket-List: Summer 2017

  1. Write a short story. About anything. About everything.
  2. Go on a hike. Alone. 
  3. Spend all day in bed with a good book. An old book I’ve read before, but this time, read it as someone new. Someone who’s reading it for the first time. Write down what changed. 
  4. Make art. Any kind of art. 
  5. Make homemade dinners every night for a week. Using only what’s in the pantry. 
  6. Go on a road trip with no map. 
  7. Order my coffee. But not the same coffee I always get. Try something new. 
  8. Make friends with a toddler. They’re gloriously honest and may teach me something about myself. Something I may not want to know but probably should.
  9. Go see a play. 
  10. Sleep outside. With nothing but the sounds of nature surrounding me. 
  11. Pick a topic. Any topic and learn as much as I can about it. Then share that knowledge with someone else.
  12. Read a book. Read all the books. 
  13. Do something that scares me everyday. Be brave. Be fierce. Say yes. 
  14. Stand in front of the ocean and speak to it as if I am the force that calms the waves. 
  15. Cry. Whenever I need to or whenever I want to. Don’t hold it in. 
  16. Stand up for someone I don’t know. Someone who seems to have lost their voice. In that moment, may I help them find it again. 
  17. Be grateful for every breath I take. Because I know the next one isn’t guaranteed.
  18. Tell my friends I love them. I don’t do that enough. 
  19. Go to a wedding inside an Irish Pub. 
  20. Order off of a menu without looking. Just close my eyes and point.
  21. Start a conversation with a stranger. But not about the weather. Go deeper than that. Make it personal. Ask them about their family, their work, their hairstyle. Anything. Just ask.
  22. Give someone a compliment and don’t expect one back. If I receive a compliment, say thank you. They didn’t have to tell me they liked my shirt, but they did. Be gracious.
  23. Buy a gift for someone “just because.”
  24. Take myself out on a date. Dress up, put on makeup and go out to dinner. By myself. Because if I don’t treat myself right, who else will?
  25. Jump off of something tall into something deep. No ropes. No lifejackets. Just me. Soaring. Flying. Living. 

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