My Life in 20 Questions

I’ve been putting this post off for a while because it seems a little awkward but my email is full of people asking for it… and since today is a relatively calm day in the life of Jordyn, now is the time get it over with.

I’ve wasted enough time on Instagram and Twitter, I updated my resume, I went to work… I have no more excuses.

I’ve got my coffee and a colorful pen so let’s do this!

My Life in 20 Questions

1. Favorite Color?
Black and white. Is that an acceptable answer? Because I’m not so much into color… my closet is varying shades of black, white and the occasional top resembling red wine. Although I guess I can say that, for traveling and taking pictures, I like lots of blues and greens. One of my favorite things to take pictures of are small beach towns where everything is bright and cheerful. It balances out, I guess. 

2. Lucky number?
I really have never understood this. I don’t have a lucky number… I don’t even think I have a favorite number. I’ll get back to you. 

3. Dream job?
Oh this is easy. A show-runner. The next Shonda Rhimes. Being paid to travel wouldn’t be so bad either and I’m actually thinking about a gap year after college and doing that… we’ll see!

4. Where do you see yourself living on your own?
Los Angeles… maybe New York. Definitely a big city and hopefully within 20 minutes of a beach. Being landlocked is not my thing… I need the ocean. 

5. Favorite way to travel?
Well, that depends. Solo travel, I prefer to fly and get there quick. If I’m with friends and/or family, road trips can be fun depending on how far we’re going. Stopping along the way and seeing some sights is fun and breaks up the long rides a little. I’ve never traveled by train before, but I think I would like to try it at least once. 

6. What do you like to do in your free time?
Cook, read, write, binge watch Netflix documentaries… I’ve become quite the regular at the coffee shop where I live and I do my best writing there… something about my headphones turned all the way up and a large Chai tea just makes my brain open up and the words flow easily.

7. Favorite clothing store?
There’s no way I can pick one. Maybe I’ll go with Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters because they have everything.

8. Dream concert?
Well, I can’t say Beyonce anymore because I finally saw her. A private concert from Celine Dion would probably kill me. I’ve loved her voice since I was little… my grandparents actually saw her in Vegas but they said 8 years old was too young for a Vegas trip so I sat and cried at home for a week. 

9. Favorite tea?
Well that’s a random question. Chai tea is good but I’m super picky about it. A good English Breakfast tea is hard to mess up… I also like peppermint tea sometimes. I’m more of a coffee drinker though. 

10. Do you collect something?
Old boarding passes. I never get rid of them. Don’t ask why… I have no idea. Maybe a little bit of debt, too. (Oops.)

11. I can’t sleep without…
You guys, I still have the pink blanket my uncle got me the day  I was born. It travels with me to this day. It’s not even pink anymore, it has holes in it and it’s not soft. But you bet I still have that thing and sleep with it every night. 

12. If you would get 1 million all for yourself, what would you do with it?
All for myself as in I actually won more but was already a good person and donated 75% to charity? Because that’s how I’m going to answer this. I would travel for a very, very long time. I plan trips like a millionaire so all I’d have to do is pack a bag and head out. First stop: Santorini! 

13. Favorite make-up brand?
I have really sensitive skin so I use Bare Minerals and the Honest Company most. They do pretty well for me. For summer, I get Sun Bum stuff to protect my face from the sun and I am obsessed with it! (These are all gluten free and cruelty free, soooo… buy them.)

14. Favorite snack?
Oh no. I snack all day long… right now I’m super into raw macadamia nuts, avocados, those little organic pouches of applesauce that look like baby food, peanut butter granola and anything mango and/or coconut. See? I eat all the time. 

15. Favorite season?
In the summer, that answer is winter because I’m always hot. In the winter, that answer is summer because I’m always cold. 

16. Do you sleep with your door closed or opened?
Closed. The monsters can’t work doorknobs, you know?

17. Why did you start blogging?
My professor made me. But now I actually like it and a lot of you actually keep coming back for more. 

18. Do you have a subscription to a magazine?
My mom gets People. I get nothing. I don’t even read magazines that much… waiting in line at the grocery store is about it. 

19. What did you do last night at midnight?

20. Favorite perfume?
I like using essential oils as perfume… sandalwood is a favorite! I also really like using grapefruit in the summer. Right now I always smell like Sun Bum sunscreen (which smells like coconuts so it’s good).  

And there it is. 20 random things you didn’t need to know about me. I don’t even know if you wanted to know, but you do now. So, you’re welcome, I guess.

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