Blast From The Past

Someone asked me the other day about my favorite childhood memory. Which resulted in a very long conversation about my summers as a kid… and specifically, my summers in Pennsylvania.

My cousin Samantha (we call her Sam, so keep up.) lives in Pennsylvania and my favorite thing to do as a kid, especially during the summer, was to make the 14 hour trip (BY CAR!!!!!!!) to her townhouse. 

Another cousin who happens to be Sam’s aunt (don’t ask me to explain. It’s complicated…. my great aunt is Sam’s grandmother or something like that.) had a pool at her house and we spent lots of time there as kids. I always managed to get sunburned and she was very good at making fun of my pale complexion and SPF 100+ sunscreen that I still managed to burn through in under an hour. But it was always out of love so it’s fine. We would play volleyball in the pool with all the cousins, we’d have handstand contests in the shallow end, we would see who could swim the fastest (me), make the biggest splash (her), who could hold their breath longest (don’t remember), we’d have cookouts and refuse to wait the full 30 minutes before jumping back into the pool… just writing about it makes me want to book a plane ticket and go back.

But I think my favorite thing was Hershey Park. If you haven’t been, go. It’s fun and it has Chocolate World. Have you ever heard a more glorious name for a theme park? IT’S AN ENTIRE THEME PARK CENTERED AROUND CANDY!!!! Sam is older and taller (actually, I don’t know who’s taller now…) so she got to ride all the big rides that I was still too small for. Which was good because I used to be terrified of roller coasters. I was more a spinny ride and giant swings kid.

We used to run through the massive shop attached to the park and look at all the stuff we HAD TO HAVE! Pillows shaped like Twizzlers, Hershey Kisses hats, Reese’s shirts (mine was pink and orange tie-dye), 30 pound chocolate bars… I can hear the squeals in my head.

I think summers in Pennsylvania take the cake as some of my favorite memories as a kid. Between intense dance competitions in the basement, life size bottles of chocolate sauce, and sunburns, if Sam was there, it was bound to be a good time.


Up next: Favorite holiday and why – don’t miss it!


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