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Part 2: Favorite Holiday

Life in 105Life in 105: Part 2 – Favorite Holiday and Why

It’s day two of Life in 105! I hope you guys are enjoying it so far!

Let’s just dive right in, shall we? Favorite holiday…


Well… have you guessed it yet?

My favorite holiday is (and always has been) Christmas. I know that seems like the obvious answer and I really did try to think of one that’s more unique but… Christmas. You can’t beat it. It’s not my favorite because of the presents… when I was little that may have been a little of it. Or a lot of it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting presents, who doesn’t? But now, I’ve learned to appreciate different things that come with Christmas.

Everyone seems to be in a good mood all the time. I don’t know what it is, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everything is decorated, there’s hot chocolate for everyone, your family is gathered in one city which never happens… it’s just good. People are happy, you’re off work, out of school, there’s snow on the ground (depending on where you live, of course), the fireplace is on, and you spend your days catching up with cousins you haven’t seen in months.

It’s just a happy time for my family and I think that’s why it’s my favorite. Also, everything just smells good around Christmastime… have you noticed that?

It’s not my favorite because of the presents, well… not only because of the presents… It’s because of the laughter, the jokes, the games, the food, the hot chocolate.

It’s because I love the feeling of Christmastime.

Leave me a comment about your favorite holiday! I’d love to read some of your stories!

Coming up tomorrow on Life in 105, I’ll talk about my morning routine and how much I despise leaving my bed to get ready for work! I may even include pictures… stay tuned!



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