Carrie Tells All

Have you ever wanted to interview your best friend? Well, I wanted to, so I did! 

Ok, this was fun. Carrie and I have known each other for over a year now and I knew she was the one I wanted to interview for this post. We met on Twitter in April of 2016, and met in person for the first time that October in Los Angeles. Carrie’s one of those people who will talk your ear off about nothing for hours on end, but you love her anyways. At least, that’s how it is with me. (She knows this.)

And that’s enough of me rambling… let’s just get to it.

1. What’s your first memory you have of me as a friend? 
I remember I was having a really bad day and I tweeted something about it. Then a couple minutes later, you sent me a DM saying that you would be there if I ever needed to talk to someone. That’s when I knew you were my friend.

2. Which famous duo are we most like and why? 
The Twisted Sisters hands down. (Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang) We always find ourselves relating to them…okay maybe not the bombs and the plane crash, but you get where I’m going with this.

3. Describe the first time we met in person.
I ran up behind you and bear hugged you in the baggage claim at LAX. I still have the video haha.

4. Tell me about your favorite memory of us:
Just staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning almost every night for months on end on the phone or on FaceTime talking about everything possible.

Jordyn here. Carrie, I’m really surprised you didn’t mention that time we met Ellen (and most of the Grey’s cast) here… I was 100 percent sure that would be your answer to this question. Oh well. What do I know?

5. Now tell me the funniest one.
I was stuck in an abandoned alley one night and you had to FaceTime me because Grey’s Anatomy was on. Then when my mom picked me up, the scene where Meredith and Riggs hooked up came on a few minutes later and I was screaming and my mom almost crashed the car she got so scared. Oh yeah, thanks for staying on the phone with me that night. I do not like abandoned alleys.

6. Describe me in one sentence.
“Just remember, if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.”

7. Which one of us is more likely to go to jail? What’s the crime?
Me. Probably trespassing into some haunted place that was once a hospital or an asylum.

8. Tell everyone an embarrassing story about me.
When you sent me the videos of you after you got your wisdom teeth taken out. I had no idea what you were saying most of the time but I know that you were talking about Grey’s Anatomy.

…can you send those to me again? (Hi, this is Jordyn again, and no I will not send those to you again.)

9. What’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever given you?
You told me once that everything would work out in the end. At first I didn’t believe you, but with what’s going on, I wish I believed you sooner.

10. If we could travel anywhere in the world together, where would we go and what would we do there?
So we already wanted to go to Los Angeles together and that already happened (twice), so next stop, Italy. And we would probably eat Gelato all day.

Special thanks to Carrie for taking the time to do this today! If any of you want to recreate this, feel free to use these questions! 


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