Welcome to The Lane

Oh, hi! Didn’t see  you there. My name is Jordyn and this is The Lane. Maybe you’re here intentionally or maybe you somehow stumbled in and maybe you don’t even know how you got here, but whatever the case may be, I’m glad you made it! I think I should tell you what you’re about to get into if you choose to stick around, and I hope you do!

What you’re going to find on here are the same things you’d find if you somehow gained access to my brain. Which is a scary thought, but it is what it is.

You’re going to find food recipes, lifestyle tips, college advice, TV reviews (Grey’s Anatomy specifically), and I may throw in some other things sometimes too. Actually, I’ll definitely throw in some other things. You see, I’m not a niche blogger… I’m too indecisive for that. People have told me that’s a bad thing for my “brand” but I’m not a brand, I’m a person. I’m a person who talks a lot about a lot of things.

I’m also a person who will talk to just about anyone about anything. So if you have something you want me to talk about in a post, tell me. If you want  to talk to me about something, tell me. If you want to be friends (and you should, I’m a good friend), tell me.

But why is it called The Lane? I’m glad you asked!

I call it The Lane for two reasons. One, it’s my middle name. But the other reason? It’s a journey that I’m taking, almost like a roadmap of my life and thoughts. And since “lane” is kind of synonymous with “road…” well, it just worked out for me, I guess.

Here we go.


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