11 Thoughts I Have While Sitting in an Airport

I love airports. But I also hate them. We have a love/hate relationship, really. Today, I’m pretty much indifferent. The only thing I’m mad about right now is Starbucks being out of mango flavor for my tea. Whateves. Peach will do.

I have another two hours before my flight, which means I’m sitting here doing nothing. So, here are 11 random thoughts that are running through my head as I sit here, staring. And sipping my not-mango black tea. Peach. Bleh.
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 6.28.28 PM.png

  1. Wow. It’s literally me and a bunch of middle aged men in suits in this airport. This should be a fun flight.
  2. I really, really wish I was 21. Airport bars seem like the place to be tonight.
  3. This tea is too sweet. That’s what I get for settling on peach.
  4. Why do people only have two speeds when maneuvering through airports? Forrest Gump sprints or 95-year-old hip replacement patient slow?
  5. Why do people get here soooooo early? All they do is sit here and stare out of a window. Geeze.
  6. Why does it cost $6.50 for a bottle of water?
  7. Why does it cost $60 for dinner? AT A DINER? Do you even have a gluten free menu?
  8. I’ve literally read every book they have for sale in this bookstore. I’m in this airport too much.
  9. Why do all airport bathrooms smell the same? Like dread and vomit. And maybe a little bit of lemon thrown in to balance it out.
  10. How do people wear shorts on a plane? They’re cold af 100 percent of the time.
  11. Wow. This blog post only took 10 minutes of my two hour wait. I guess I’ll go find a new Starbucks to sit and people watch new people.

And since I never told you: I’m flying to Savannah, Georgia this time. If you’ve never been there, GO! If I had to live in a city in the south, it’d be this one. For sure.




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