College Survival 101

Do you want to know how to survive college? The real college? Not the pretty pamphlet with a picture of five students sitting on a quilt in the grass with a nice picnic spread, they’re all laughing, they look like they had 9.5 hours of sleep the night before…and aren’t drowning in assignments. That’s fake college. This is real college. And here’s how to make it through:

All the coffee. Literally all of it. If you live in a dorm, get a coffee maker. I live at home and have one in my bedroom and two downstairs. I don’t mess around with coffee. That’s why it’s listed as number one.

Pick your friends wisely. You’d think this was an obvious thing to do, but seeing as I’m putting it second, it’s not. I know people who are so desperate to get party invites that they hang out with people they literally hate… I don’t understand. Make your own party… with people you actually like. Whatever. You do you.

Don’t stress yourself out too much. It’s college. You’re going to be stressed out, and if you aren’t, please tell me your secret. Because you, my friend, have figured out life. Here’s my trick: I take one or two hard classes a semester and then fill in the blanks with stupid easy courses. I also try to avoid classes with a lot of homework and that has saved my life. Jordyn, how do you do that? Rate my professor is a gold mine. Go there, find your school, and start researching. Former students will tell you how a certain professor runs the class, and that’s how you avoid the super demanding ones!

But don’t sell yourself short!!! When I say avoid the classes with tons of homework, I mean actual tons. Don’t take only easy classes with professors who cancel every other day. (Yes, those exist.) Because if you do that, why are you even spending the money? Get your education! You’ve been doing homework for at least 12 years by now, a little more won’t hurt. Just don’t take the ones where the homework (read 50 pages and write a four page summary every other night) causes your other classes to slip away from you. That’s not how to college.

Choose classes you want to take (and major in something you like)!! This also seems like a duh thing to say, but… it’s not because it’s on here. And also, I didn’t do this at first, so I’m sure there’s more of you out there suffering through Biology 225 when you actually hate science. I feel you. Pick a major you like because guess what happens then? You might actually like your classes! Who knew? I didn’t, but now I do. I get to take Hollywood History next semester. Guys. That’s actually a class. LIT. (If this class sucks, I’m going to be pissed because I have hyped it up.)

SLEEP! I don’t know what else to say about this. Just go to sleep. In college, you get really good at the 13 minute nap. I like to go to my car on those rare days I find parking that’s not a five mile hike away, and sleep in the back seat. I’m not joking. It’s magical.


Get away from school when you can. If you go away for college, go home on the weekends. You’d be amazed with how wonderful your bed feels after sleeping on a dorm cot. (They’re not beds. Don’t even pretend.) Also, eat some real food while you’re home. College makes you realize real quick how much paying for every meal sucks. Trust me. And if you didn’t go away for college, weekend road trips (or long weekend cross country trips… Guilty!) can make all the difference! Leave your backpack, grab a friend, and go. I do this in Nashville all the time. Road trips are also the perfect time to blast the music and sing along as loud as possible. Suck at singing? That’s okay. Sing anyway.

mileyAnd finally, be yourself! I had to end on this one, guys. You know I had to. College is the time when you find out who you are. High school sucks, but college? If you want it to be, college can be amazing. I did some soul searching my second semester and I found myself. And it was the best feeling in the world. So, my parting advice is this: figure out who you want to be, not who other people want you to be, and be that person. Because when you do that? You fly.

Oh wait… I forgot one. Get. A. Job. I don’t understand how people go to college without having a job… no paycheck? No thanks, I’m going to need that direct deposit every other Friday if I want food. Student jobs are super easy to find and even the best part? Most of the time, they’re just glorified study hours and you get paid for it. Not kidding.

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2 thoughts on “College Survival 101

  1. Love this post Jordyn! As a college student, you are 100% accurate. one more tip I can add, is take every opportunity. No matter how scary or nerve racking. Take it you will be happy you did. I’m so glad I found your blog. As a fellow college blogger it’s nice to find a fellow person like yourself out there.

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    1. YES!! That is a great one! I remember getting involved on campus being terrifying the first year so I didn’t do much, but now I am in the middle of so many things and I’m getting so much more exposure! Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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