Why I’m Still Excited About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15 Seasons In

Not that I ever doubted this would happen, but Grey’s Anatomy officially has a season 15. And unlike a lot of people, I’m still excited. I’ve seen countless articles from people saying that the show is past its prime, or that it’s terrible now, or the stories are recycled and predictable. I’ve seen people boycott the show. I’ve seen people attack actors for doing their job.

I’ve seen it all.

But it’s still Grey’s Anatomy. It’s still the show I fell in love with so many years ago. So, as long as it continues, I will be around. And I’ll be excited. Here’s why:

Sure, one of my all time favorite characters in television history is gone, but that doesn’t mean the show left with her. Cristina Yang influenced me in so many ways, and I’ve written about that before, so I’m not going to do it now. But Grey’s (emphasis on the “Grey”) is full of so many influential characters, and to me, it was never about just one.

As long as Meredith Grey is still around, I’ll still be learning from her.

As long as Miranda Bailey is around, I’ll still be learning from her.

As long as Alex Karev is around, I’ll still be learning from him.

As long as anyone is around, I’ll be learning.

The human experience is there for all of us. Soak it in. All of it.

I don’t watch the show for just one character and one character only. Or even two. Or three. I watch it for all of them. Some more than others, sure. But every single character, past and present, has taught me something.

I will continue to be excited for those lessons.

I know some of you think that Grey’s has overstayed its welcome, but not to me.

Life doesn’t end when people leave. Life doesn’t end when husbands die or wives move away or old friends return and flip everything upside down. It keeps going.

Those events are stories in and of themselves, and who are we to deny those stories to be told? Why are we refusing to hear them? Those stories are real and they are valuable. Maybe not to you. But they are to someone out there watching. Don’t diminish that for them.

Human beings have stories to tell until the second they take their last breath. And sometimes even after that. The same is true for TV characters. There’s more to tell. There’s always going to be more.

And I’m going to take everything I can get, and I’m going to appreciate it. I’m going to be excited because one day, it won’t be back. There will be a last season. A last lesson. It’s inevitable. Everything has to end.

But for now, Grey’s Anatomy still has stories to tell. Lessons to teach. Lives to save.

Maybe your favorite character leaving is the end of your viewership… and that’s fine. Do what you want. But let the rest of us continue to learn. Don’t diminish what someone gained from a character you might hate. Don’t make that impact out to be less than just because you didn’t have the same relationship with whatever character. It’s there for all of us, and we are all different. We’re all going to draw different lessons from different characters. That’s the point.

It’s an individual journey, and mine is still going.

Let me have it.

xoxo, J

One thought on “Why I’m Still Excited About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15 Seasons In

  1. Yes!!!! So well said! Greys keeps bribing new and fresh ideas each year. I love how it tells the story of life, people come and go, people live and die. It’s all part of life. I can’t wait for season 15! What an accomplishment!

    Liked by 1 person

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