Sex Object

Sex object.



I bought this book right before spring break and was going to read it on the plane. I left it at home. I had a feeling it wouldn’t exactly be the most uplifting book out there, so I opted to not use it as my vacation pre-game. That was a good choice.

I opened this book to the first page and read the entire thing within two hours. And that was today. Usually, when I post a review about something I’ve read or watched,  I sit on it overnight, if not longer. This isn’t something I need to sit and think about. Not anymore.  Continue reading “Sex Object”


One year down, all of them to go

365 days. That’s how long it has been since I last ate a piece of meat. I think it was a chicken nugget.

I looked in the mirror that night, April 23, 2016, and said no more. Never again. And that was it. I didn’t go back on that promise, and I never will. At first, people tried to talk me out of it. They would tell me it wasn’t healthy to not eat meat, they would tell me I’d become severely anemic, protein-deficient…. the list could go on forever. I took each comment hurled my way, each piece of “advice” that I never asked for and it would go in one ear and out the other. Because I was done.   Continue reading “One year down, all of them to go”


Grey’s Anatomy 13.20 Episode Review

Season 13, episode 20: In The Air Tonight (Written by Stacy McKee, Directed by Chandra Wilson)

Have I ever told you how much I love bubble episodes? I think it’s because they’re easier to review since it’s one plot line I’m dealing with instead of seven… it makes my life easier. And this one just happened to focus on Meredith which makes it 10x better. Welcome aboard everyone! Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy 13.20 Episode Review”

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5 breakfasts, each 5 minutes or less

Today’s post is all about mornings! We all know how chaotic it can be trying to get out of the house on time. I struggle to get to my 8:00 a.m. class on time so I can only imagine having to make sure three kids are dressed and fed and also out of the house by 7:45. So, I’ve decided to share my go-to breakfasts with you all today! The best part? They’re all made in five minutes or less!  Continue reading “5 breakfasts, each 5 minutes or less”


Cristina Yang: My Ride or Die

How did I become such good friends with a fictional character? How can I feel like I know this person? How can I feel like she knows me? She doesn’t even exist in real life. She’s just a character.

But here’s the thing: she’s not. She’s so much more than that. I consider her family. I consider her one of my best friends. I consider her one of my people. And here’s why: Continue reading “Cristina Yang: My Ride or Die”

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Raw Zoodles with Tomato Sauce & Vegan Parm

Story time! My grandma got me a veggie spiraling tool for Christmas and I had yet to even open the package until today. I wanted Italian food but I also didn’t want a heavy meal either. Solution? Zoodles.

I’ve had them before but I had never attempted them on my own and now I don’t know why I was so scared of them. This was honestly easier than boiling water and making sure regular noodles don’t stick to the pot.

I sent a picture of the final project to my friend who immediately informed me that I must post this recipe, so here we are. I made this up completely on the fly and it turned out to be pretty close to perfection.

This dish is full of vegetables, completely raw, fresh, light and perfect for a picnic outside!  Continue reading “Raw Zoodles with Tomato Sauce & Vegan Parm”

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All That and S’More!

Do you guys know how long it has been since I’ve posted a recipe on here?!? Way too long. But not as long as it’s been since I’ve eaten a marshmallow. I finally found a brand of vegan marshmallows carried by Thrive Market (link). I opened my box of goodies and immediately began thinking of what I could do with them.

 I’m not going to talk your ear off about how good these are, I’ll just give you the recipe so you can see (taste?) for yourself.  Continue reading “All That and S’More!”


Grey’s Anatomy 13.19 Episode Review


Season 13, episode 19: What’s Inside (Written by Tia Napolitano; Directed by Nzingha Stewart)

“Curiosity killed the cat. It also killed a lot of ancient Greeks when Pandora had to open that box full of death and pestilence and stuff. Why do we have to know what’s behind door number three even when we’re pretty sure it’ll be bad for us?” -Meredith Grey

Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy 13.19 Episode Review”


So you want to be happy?

Ok so I’m going to try something new and give you guys advice. I feel wildly unqualified to do so, but I’m doing it anyway.

If you know me personally, and have known me for a while now, you probably have noticed a significant change in my personality lately. It’s like I graduated high school and BOOM! The Jordyn I had spent the past 17 years being got a glow up. I didn’t realize the root of the change until recently, and since I now know, for the most part, why my life took this AMAZING 180, I figured I should share it with all of you.  Continue reading “So you want to be happy?”


Grey’s Anatomy 13.18 Episode Review

Season 13, episode 18: Be Still, My Soul (Written by Meg Marinis; Directed by Ellen Pompeo)

First thing’s first: how amazing was Ellen Pompeo’s directing debut? I’ve been waiting for two weeks to write this review and the day is finally here! Seeing this episode at PaleyFest was such a treat, and then getting to hear Ellen talk about her experiences was inspiring to me and so many others. So before I get into the review, I just wanted to say to Ellen, thank you and I can’t wait to see you directing again next season.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.35.17 AM
Ellen Pompeo directing… with a Sprinkles box? (Image via Hollywood Reporter)

Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy 13.18 Episode Review”


Yes, the Internet did change my life

*No names were changed to protect identities. Sorry guys, that’s too confusing.

Do you ever go to bed thinking about your life and how you got to where you are? You look at one moment and realize that it was that instant, that exact second, that you became the person you are today? Yeah, I didn’t either until Becca told me I should write about it in a blog post.

I think my “moment” was about a year ago. It happened fast for me, it’s like I blinked and suddenly my whole life looked different. I grew up hearing horror stories of the Internet and the dreaded “Internet friend” turned serial killer ready to chop me up and put me in a freezer in some storage unit. We’ve all heard those stories. I’m assuming you’ve heard them anyways. For this post, just pretend you did even if you didn’t. Continue reading “Yes, the Internet did change my life”


12 Life Lessons I Learned from Grey’s Anatomy

So, Grey’s anatomy aired the pilot episode exactly 12 years ago today. I haven’t been watching steady since 2005, BUT I clearly remember watching this first episode live… it was LIT for my eight-year-old self, let me tell you. In order for me to pay tribute to something that’s been in my life for so long, I decided to write about 12 things the show has taught me over the years, whether it’s from a character seeming to outsmart death more times than I can count or a character who wasn’t as lucky (RIP George O’Malley). So, here we go! Continue reading “12 Life Lessons I Learned from Grey’s Anatomy”