Grey’s Anatomy 13.15 Episode Review

Season 13, episode 15: Civil War (Written by Elizabeth Klaviter) 

You guys know how this works by now, so let’s just dive right in with the opening V.O. Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy 13.15 Episode Review”


Grey’s Anatomy 13.14 Episode Review

I know this is super late BUT  better late than never, right?

Season 13, episode 14: Back Where You Belong (Written by Jen Klein)

Ok, the opening with all four of them (Meredith, Maggie, Amelia and Alex) back together after so long? I was cheesin’ like an idiot through that entire first three minutes, I’m not even going to pretend I was chill about it. Also, I’ve missed the Meredith Grey sense of humor and that’s finally back, too. Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy 13.14 Episode Review”

Grey’s Anatomy 13.12 Episode Review

Season 13, episode 12: None Of Your Business (Written by Andy Reaser)

You know sh*t is going down when someone other than Meredith Grey does the voiceover, and that’s exactly what happened in last night’s episode. Jo Wilson laid down a quick VO right when the episode opens:

“Everybody wants privacy for themselves. For the people, not so much.”

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