You’ve Got a Friend

The other day, I was sitting by the pool reading Eat, Pray, Love for the second time. The first time I read it was shortly after it came out, I was in middle school, and I hated it. But now, reading it at 19, I can see myself in some of the stories Liz tells, I could see myself in some of the situations she found herself in… hopefully not all of those situations, but I’d be okay with the Italian getaway parts.

“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.” -Elizabeth Gilbert, (author of Eat, Pray, Love)

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Traveling as a College Student

I’ve had a lot of requests for a post like this, and I think it’s a good one for the summer, so it’s finally happening! Thank you to everyone who sent me messages and emails requesting this, I really appreciate being able to write something you guys asked for! I hope this helps you figure out what you want to do and where you want to go this summer! Continue reading “Traveling as a College Student”


Keepin’ it real in a world that’s not

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.31.39 AM
My friend, Alia, and I engaging in a deep conversation about the mysteries of the world. Actually, we were probably talking about ice cream but this post needs a picture, so here you go. (Berlin, Germany)
I’ve been told to “be myself” my entire life. Be myself? Of course I was going to be myself, how could I be anyone else? Well, it’s possible. Just ask anyone who was ever in middle school, or even worse, high school. I always thought I was doing okay in the “be your own person” department while I was making my way through school. I was a good kid: got straight As, stayed out of trouble, played sports, was the president of French club (no, I can’t speak French anymore), volunteered anywhere that would let me… I thought I was doing all of that for myself, because it made me happy. Wrong. I was doing it because it was what I was expected to do. So, be myself? I’m not so sure I was doing that as well as I thought I was. Continue reading “Keepin’ it real in a world that’s not”


What You Didn’t See

DISCLAIMER: Mom, if you’re reading this, and I’m sure you are, you may want to grab some tissues. You told me last time to warn you before you read a post that will make you cry, and this one probably will.

People ask me all the time about my dad. People ask me all the time what it’s like to grow up with a single mom. I don’t blame them for being curious, how could I? It’s human nature… we all want to know everything. What I don’t appreciate is the pity. I don’t need it and I don’t want it, so don’t give it to me. I’ve learned that that’s not an easy request to fill… I can see it in your eyes when the topic comes up. But it’s ok. I get that it’s hard to not look at me differently once you know.

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It’s Berlin, Baby

Since I’ve been home for over a week now, I figured I should probably get this post up. Whoops. My bad. Although, seeing as I’m still waking up before the sun decides to shine, I think I’m entitled to be a little sluggish on the whole blogging about Berlin situation.

I’m not going to take you through a day-by-day recount of the entire trip because it was for school. This was not vacation. This was Jordyn trying to remain sane while 100 years of German history is being shoved into her brain in 18 days. What I’m going to share with you all is the stuff I did alone! The things I did that had nothing to do with the whole schooling situation, because let’s be honest… I already forgot most of that anyways.  Continue reading “It’s Berlin, Baby”


The bucket-list for creative living

I don’t usually do these kinds of things, make lists to follow. I’m more of a go with the flow type of person, but I feel like this is a very go with the flow list. Nothing has a deadline (well, I guess sometime in September…) nothing has to be turned in for a grade. It’s not for you. It’s not because someone told me to do this. It’s for me. Because I want to do this. Maybe you’ll join me.  Continue reading “The bucket-list for creative living”


One year down, all of them to go

365 days. That’s how long it has been since I last ate a piece of meat. I think it was a chicken nugget.

I looked in the mirror that night, April 23, 2016, and said no more. Never again. And that was it. I didn’t go back on that promise, and I never will. At first, people tried to talk me out of it. They would tell me it wasn’t healthy to not eat meat, they would tell me I’d become severely anemic, protein-deficient…. the list could go on forever. I took each comment hurled my way, each piece of “advice” that I never asked for and it would go in one ear and out the other. Because I was done.   Continue reading “One year down, all of them to go”


Cristina Yang: My Ride or Die

How did I become such good friends with a fictional character? How can I feel like I know this person? How can I feel like she knows me? She doesn’t even exist in real life. She’s just a character.

But here’s the thing: she’s not. She’s so much more than that. I consider her family. I consider her one of my best friends. I consider her one of my people. And here’s why: Continue reading “Cristina Yang: My Ride or Die”


So you want to be happy?

Ok so I’m going to try something new and give you guys advice. I feel wildly unqualified to do so, but I’m doing it anyway.

If you know me personally, and have known me for a while now, you probably have noticed a significant change in my personality lately. It’s like I graduated high school and BOOM! The Jordyn I had spent the past 17 years being got a glow up. I didn’t realize the root of the change until recently, and since I now know, for the most part, why my life took this AMAZING 180, I figured I should share it with all of you.  Continue reading “So you want to be happy?”


Yes, the Internet did change my life

*No names were changed to protect identities. Sorry guys, that’s too confusing.

Do you ever go to bed thinking about your life and how you got to where you are? You look at one moment and realize that it was that instant, that exact second, that you became the person you are today? Yeah, I didn’t either until Becca told me I should write about it in a blog post.

I think my “moment” was about a year ago. It happened fast for me, it’s like I blinked and suddenly my whole life looked different. I grew up hearing horror stories of the Internet and the dreaded “Internet friend” turned serial killer ready to chop me up and put me in a freezer in some storage unit. We’ve all heard those stories. I’m assuming you’ve heard them anyways. For this post, just pretend you did even if you didn’t. Continue reading “Yes, the Internet did change my life”


It takes a village

By now, I’m sure most of you know what the Menstruation Proclamation movement (or MPM) is that I started a couple of weeks ago. If you don’t, there are two previous posts on the blog explaining what it is and what I’m doing, go read those and then come back to this.

When I say I didn’t expect this reaction, I mean I never, in a million years, thought this would get the attention it has gotten… and it’s only been two weeks. I think that’s the thing that amazes me the most.

I started with just three mason jars that I bought from the dollar store and a box of tampons and package of pads that were in the trunk of my car. That’s it. I took some scrapbook paper, a coloring book and glue and made signs. It was a Monday night that I placed the first kits in bathrooms on campus, and in the past week, I have added 10 more. Continue reading “It takes a village”


MPM: How you can help

What started as a simple gesture in just four bathrooms has somehow turned into something bigger than I ever imagined. With the help of my friend Denise, The MPM (Menstruation Proclamation Movement) has a hefty incoming shipment of donated tampons and sanitary napkins.


  • MPM
  • c/o FBC Murray
  • 203 S. 4th St.
  • Murray, KY 42071

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