Sex Object

Sex object.



I bought this book right before spring break and was going to read it on the plane. I left it at home. I had a feeling it wouldn’t exactly be the most uplifting book out there, so I opted to not use it as my vacation pre-game. That was a good choice.

I opened this book to the first page and read the entire thing within two hours. And that was today. Usually, when I post a review about something I’ve read or watched,  I sit on it overnight, if not longer. This isn’t something I need to sit and think about. Not anymore.  Continue reading “Sex Object”


Another win for Trump, another loss for America

Leave it to Mike Pence to break the tie.

It was announced earlier today that, in a 51-50 vote in the Senate, Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the new Education Secretary.

Every Republican Senator voted to confirm DeVos (excluding Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska). Not a single Democratic Senator voted in favor of DeVos’ nomination. Below is a list of the senators who voted yes, and those highlighted in red are those up for re-election next year in the midterm elections. (November 6, 2018… mark your calendars!) Continue reading “Another win for Trump, another loss for America”


The Advertising Olympics (otherwise known as the Super Bowl)

Super Bowl Sunday. I eat my weight in guacamole while planted in a chair in the living room with my eyes glued to the TV. This year, I wasn’t watching for the game. To be honest, I rarely watch football and could care less about the teams this year. I’m here for the commercials. I always come for the commercials.  Continue reading “The Advertising Olympics (otherwise known as the Super Bowl)”


It’s A Man’s World

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now, but I had to work up the nerve to do so. And that is exactly the problem. I shouldn’t fear that I will be attacked for the things I choose to say on my own blog, but I do. I do because I’ve grown up in a world where the fact that I am female dictates what I can and cannot say.

I’m over it. Continue reading “It’s A Man’s World”